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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

FIRE DRAGON LOVE SAUCE “Official Hot Sauce for Gay Marriage”

‘Fire Dragon Love Sauce’ is a new hot sauce that has come on to the market via ‘Kickstarter’. This catchy name originates from Chinese astrology signs of the creators: Heather and Gigi. They claim their sauce is; “very delicious and synthesizes unique ingredients such as such as ginger, cocoa powder, mezcal, and of course, Dragon Love!” Today, we are only going to review the flavor, heat and how it tastes with food. We also must mention another facet of this sauce. ‘Fire Dragon Love Sauce states this is the “Official Hot Sauce for Gay Marriage”. We would like to share an opinion of Gigi, one of the creators.

“The hot sauce promotes love and equality, and we hope that it makes it to kitchen tables around world. We call it the official hot sauce for gay marriage because we are officially celebrating recent marriage equality victories. As such, our intent is to spice up this very important dialogue, and what better way to do that than through food? Wake up America, to the benefits of marriage equality, with hot sauce! “

This is not the first time politics and hot sauces have tried to mix. Regardless of your beliefs, let’s all go to the kitchen and give Fire Dragon Love Sauce a try.


Water, distilled vinegar, all natural habaneros, & other chilis, mescal, unsweetned cocoa powder, ginger, fresh lime, salt are the listed ingredients.

Aroma & Texture:

A strong potent whiff of mescal greets your sinuses with the removal of the cap. I believe I can smell a little cocoa and peppers too. It is a thick smooth dark red puree. It pours freely from the bottle.


This label will grab your attention with its bright graphics. Two happy women are embracing in a campy pose. I do need to mention that the bottle is not full to the top with sauce. There is a ¾ inch gap of missing sauce. (See first image)To me that indicates there is a quality control issue. It looks like somebody may have sampled the sauce and put it back on the shelf. It was not just the bottle that I purchased but all the bottles on the shelf.


Let’s all have a party because the Mezcal was invited to this gathering. There is a very strong flavor of alcohol. Once I got past the booze, cocoa powder left a bitter component. A little hint of ginger was present. Towards the end of this bender the flavors of habaneros made a weak appearance. I have never met a booze that I have not liked. I have also had sauces with bourbon that has been fantastic. The prevalent flavor of Mezcal with cocoa powder was a combination that was unique but not appealing. I found it to be off putting and not very appetizing.


Habaneros and other chilis (spelling?) are listed as ingredients. The peppers are used in restraint and will barely tip the heat meter to 2 stars out of 5


We initially tried the sauce with tortilla chips. We experienced the same flavors as above so we bought some burgers from a local fast food franchise. I gave the burger a good dose of sauce. I did not enjoy my burger experience. The flavor of Mezcal did not work with this burger. The flavor combinations with the Mezcal as the star were very unique.  Unfortunately, I could not find anything I liked about this flavor.


Fire Dragon Love Sauce is a new sauce on the market. They have a catchy label that stands out on the shelf. It grabbed my attention to make a purchase. After further review I was a little disappointed. The overpowering Mezcal flavor was not my favorite. There is a quality control issue with the filling of the bottles. The sauce with a burger did not work for me. To be fair, their website recommends using the sauce with Mexican or Latin foods. They also suggest using it in a Bloody Maria. (Bloody Mary made with tequila). After my initial tasting, I did not want to have any more of this sauce.
  Regardless of your political stance the bottom line is all about the flavor. Fire Dragon Love Sauce did not deliver.

Fire Dragon Love Sauce


Three Dogs BBQ said...

I don't think I would like Mezcal in my hot sauce. I'd be burping that up all day...

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, I could not get past the Mezcal taste. It was too overpowering.

Greg said...

Sometime love hurts. ;)

Chilebrown said...

Greg, I am going to pass on this Dragon Love.