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Saturday, October 12, 2013


The nights are becoming longer with the daylight hours diminishing. A couple more minutes under those warm covers is becoming the norm. This is not the case when visions of hot coffee and pork chops and gravy are on your mind. I have no problem rising when I know we are continuing our mission to find the greatest pork chops in the land. Today's venture is 'The Original Mels Diner'. This is a national chain that has a fun 50's theme. We have one nearby that is open 24 hour a day in Pinole, California. Wipe your eyes and grab your coffee, we are going to Mels.

Inside Mels you are transformed to the movie set of 'American Graffiti". This place looks like a lot of fun. You almost expect to see Ritchie, Potsie and the Fonz sitting at a booth. The walls are decorated with 50's kitsch, Each booth has a console to pick and play songs from the juke box. Yes, I can actually remember these. The menu is huge with a standard 'All American' fair. This particular restaurant is open 24 hours and breakfast is served all the time. Pork Chops is what we came for. A bisquit and gravy can be chosen as a toast option. Now, you know I love this place already.

Our waitress was a study in efficiency and courteousy. Our meals were served very promptly. The pork chops looked great. They tasted mighty fine and you will hear no complaints from me. What really stood out was my bisquit and gravy. 'My oh My' A tender and flaky piping hot freshly baked pillow of comfort smothered in a sausage cream gravy. The bisquit was fantastic but the gravy had a balance of savory, salty and a tiny pinch of sweet that had me licking the plate to savor every last drop..

  Mels is a fun place that we will return to. The pork chop was very decent and filled my craving. The bisquit and gravy was the real star of this meal. I think I may have to jump back under those warm covers.

The Original Mels


Zoomie said...

I used to stop at Mel's in the city (Lombard St) when I worked at SFAI. They serve you too much and I ate most of it every time. Pure comfort food!

Three Dogs BBQ said...

There is a Mel's on the road between Va Beach and Nags Head. It is housed in an old roadside trailer. Good stuff. Biscuits and Gravy were to die for...

Lea Ann said...

Just the mention of that biscuit and gravy made me instantly hungry.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, There ware no leftovers on our plate. Comfort food that fills the bill.

Three Dogs BBQ, You cannot beat good biscuits and gravy. It is a simple dish but all the components need to on:fresh hot biscuits, and tasty gravy. It is all about the gravy, Mang.

Lea Ann, I still am shaking from that Monday night clinic that Elway's army executed on the field of battle. We will have another chance but my hopes are not high for victory. Thanks for not rubbing it in.

Greg said...

That is some good looking food. I've been to the Mel's in Reno and had a very good experience. Good food and large portions.

Big Dude said...

The whole meal looks good and especially the gravy biscuit.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, A nap may be required after consuming one of these tasty breakfasts.

Big Dude, Its all about the gravy. This gravy and fresh biscuit was a star. When I drive by I am tempted to run in a grab a snack of a biscuit and gravy. It is a good thing I have some restraint.

Chris said...

That biscuit looks fantastic. I love buttermilk biscuits and sausage gravy.