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Monday, July 20, 2015


Welcome back to the second half of the Bang-Bang. Our second stop of two successive barbeque meals was Baby Blues BBQ. Baby Blues BBQ was only several miles away from Cathead’s but in the City the distance was too far to walk. We did the politically correct thing and took two separate vehicles. This was political correct in my eyes, to protest the bureaucratic fascists that have the title of ‘Spare the Air’.  Ben pointed to a parking spot in a residential area a block and one half away. I pounced on this spot and declared this parking berth, great ‘Parking Karma’. Baby Blues is located on a very busy corner on Mission Ave.

Baby Blues BBQ is located in an old drug store. The exterior has seen better days. We walk into the interior and a funky local tavern like establishment is revealed. This place has character that may be mistaken for blight. The tables and chairs are a collection of miss-matched hodge podge. We grab a small table in this dimly lit establishment. The table does have a nice assortment of house made bbq sauces. We taste them all and the habanero based sauce is quiet tasty and has a kick to make me smile.

Our pleasant pregnant waitress takes our order. My usual order of ribs and brisket and Ben ordered some chicken wings. The ribs offered here are baby backs. In a prompt amount of time our waitress returns with our order. As judges, we are trained not to compare entries but to judge each entry on its own merits. This is no easy task but here we go. The presentation was fine enough except for a small bowl of mystery meat on the corner of my plate.

It had to be brisket because that is what was ordered. It was a mound of oily, stringy beef that did not look that appealing. I am not sure if it had been boiled or just cooked to death because it was a hot mess. I did take a bite and it did not taste much better than it looked.  The baby backs were tender to the fault of being overdone. The seasoning was lackluster. I did smother them in habanero sauce and they were edible, barely. The coleslaw seemed purchased  and the muffin was unremarkable. This may be a little harsh but this meal failed on many levels.

Ben’s chicken wings were delicious and the bright spot of our visit to Baby Blues. Our waitress was pleasant and we received prompt service. The atmosphere is funky and a little gritty. I want to love all the bbq establishments we visit. It is not going to happen at Baby Blues BBQ. Bang-Bang.

Baby Blues BBQ


Three Dogs BBQ said...

I could tell by looking at the pictures that this visit would not be a good experience. Hitting the daily double would have been two much to ask. Did you stop for ice cream on the way home?

Chilebrown said...

Three Dogs BBQ, No room after two meals for ice cream. Baby Blues with their brisket was a let down for sure. Unless somebody told me it was brisket I would not be able to identify it. sad.

Greg said...

Got a fifty-fifty success on this trip. I must say the chicken wings are visually appealing. i still want some links!

Chilebrown said...

Greg, The wings were the only bright spot on this visit. We will return to have some more of those links. I guese with those odds you can't win them all.