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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


We continue our journey to sample Cobra Chilli bbq sauce This Australian based company creates “Premium All Natural Sauces” that are “Made with 100% whole foods”. There are no artificial preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors and no water added (label quoted).  We will be sampling their ‘2016 Scovie Award Winning” Ultra Hot bbq sauce which is fueled by the Carolina Reaper pepper. The medium label has habanero peppers to ignite their flames. Some chicken wings are on the bbq right now. Let’s give these sauces a try.

Ingredients: (Ultra Hot & Medium)

Ultra Hot…..Fresh tomatoes, sugar , malt vinegar (barley & wheat), fresh Carolina Reapers chili (5%), garlic, onion, spices, Worcestershire sauce, molasses, mustard powder, sea salt, citric acid (330) and contains barley & wheat.

Medium…. The same listed ingredients except Habanero replaces the Carolina Reaper pepper.

Aroma & Texture:

I smell tomato’s and molasses when I open our sample bottles. This is a thick puree with no seeds present.


Tomato’s and onions with a splash of vinegar for freshness is my first impression. The ‘Medium’ label has a pleasant warming effect with its habanero pepper heat.  The Ultra-Hot has similar tastes but has a heat that sneaks up on you with a powerful punch. The Carolina Reaper pepper demands attention with its potent sting. I like this heat. I also believe this sauce is a little heavy handed on the tomato flavor.


Medium:   The Habanero heat pleasantly warms this sauce to two stars out of 5 on the heat meter.
Ultra Hot:  The Carolina Reaper heat needs to be respected by the heat meter going to 3 stars out of 5


We love chicken wings and this would be our food test. One batch would be cooked and sauced with the Ultra-Hot and the other batch with the Medium. The Medium was sampled first. The Medium has a healthy kick with its habanero heat. This is a tomato based sauce and tomato is the predominate flavor.. We tried the Ultra-Hot which is fueled by the Carolina Reaper pepper. I personally liked the heat and flavor of the Carolina Reaper pepper. This sauce too, was heavy handed on tomato flavor.


Cobra Chilli Sauce has offered their version of bbq sauces fueled by the Habanero and Carolina Reaper pepper. The Ultra-Hot delivers a big bang of heat. The Medium has a very nice heat fueled by habaneros. Both of these sauces are heavy handed in the tomato flavor department. If you like a tomato centric bbq sauce these sauces may be for you. My wife and I are certified KCBS bbq judges and have tried many a sauces in our career. This sauce in our opinion was a little one dimensional. It was pleasant but leaned on the flavor of tomato.  In this humble reviewers opinion, I loved the heat but I believe these sauces are a little to one dimensional and would prefer a more balanced flavor.

Cobra Chilli Sauce

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