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Thursday, November 10, 2016


Today, the ‘Great White Hunter’ and I are on a Meat Adventure to Greenfield, California to visit Roy’s Swiss Sausage Factory”. Before we start, I have to mention the Great White Hunter has a red shiny new vehicle. He was gracious enough to chauffeur (his words) us to our meaty destination. We did get lost sort off because of a glitch in his very fancy and expensive navigation device. It is supposed to work on voice commands and we are not sure if the map library had not been updated or the device just did not like the Great White Hunter. We did find Roy’s Swiss Sausage Factory eventually.

It is a good thing we did have a navigation system because Roy’s is located literally at the end of a dead-end country road in the middle of a field. You are not going to casually drive by this meat market. In fact Roy’s Swiss Sausage Factory is only a small cinder block building with no signage unless you count the small sign on the road. The inside is sparse with just a few processing tables and a couple of industrial walk-in refrigerators. What did make this meat market larger than life was Roy. He was busy sharpening his knifes when we entered. Roy is an animated and passionate butcher who seemed to enjoy sharing his zeal of sausage production.

There was a small signboard that listed his sausage and meat products available for sale. We had to find out what exactly was Swiss style sausage was. Roy explained that Swiss sausage was basically the scraps, and leftover of the butchering process. He likes to use a combination of pork and Angus sirloin beef. He also had varieties of chicken using chicken thigh meat. Both of these combinations are fairly lean of fat. These two meats are then flavored with wine and additions such as; artichokes, cheese, jalapenos and chile powder. Roy would not reveal ratios or seasoning secrets but the Great White Hunter volunteered that Swiss style sausage may have flavoring of allspice, nutmeg and cinnamon. Roy also sells steaks (pork & beef), chicken, bacon and even a garden burger (?). The sausage is house made but the other items are sourced from a Del Monte Meats a local meat distributor.

It was a lot of fun talking to Roy. You could feel the passion and love that he puts into his sausage making. Roy had fun talking and showing his operation. He processes game for the locals and showed us some hanging in the walk-in. Roy was impressed that we had traveled far for this meat adventure. He gave us both a free skirt steak for our troubles. Roy like to share and even gave us the recommendation to try the local Mexican restaurant; La Fuente.  Meeting Roy and sharing his passion makes Meat Adventure worthwhile.

Jalapeno & Cheese Swiss Sausage

Roy's Swiss Sausage Factory
40821 Cherry Ave
Greenfield, CA 93927
(831) 674-2070


Big Dude said...

Looks like a great place - how did you ever discover it?

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, We heard a fellow bbq judge mention it and then followed up by research on the World Wide Web. Sometime you just get lucky.

greatwhite hunter said...

Mr Brown, Roy was a hoot. GWH signing off from a Colorado Rocky Mountain High