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Saturday, October 28, 2017


The never ending search for the best Chileverde received a hot tip from our local PBS television station show "Check Please Bay Area" Los Arquitos is a small family run Mexican restaurant in Vallejo, California. Vallejo is only 15 minute away with a bridge crossing included. Parking Karma was a little challenging today because of street construction. I did get the first open parking spot after a slight detour so I will proclaim Parking Karma is good.

The inside is fairly plain with a counter for to-go orders with around a dozen tables for dining in. This is a family run restaurant and I got to meet the owners sort of. I mentioned I saw the restaurant on 'Check Please". There was a slight language barrier but she smiled and nodded. The next three customers that came in also mentioned the show. I ordered Chileverde and a side of chile relleno. Immediately she brought me chips and salsa. The chips were a little stale and the salsa had a slight pepper punch but was pedestrian

The chile relleno was hot and full of molten cheese. The egg batter had an oily soggy texture that tasted of frying oil that needed to be changed. This dish had a home made quality but just was not very appetizing with the tainted oil.

The Chileverde was delivered steaming hot with chile goodness. This was a very generous plate of cubed pork bathed in green chile gravy. This was comfort food that I enjoy. This plate of verde was on the mild side.  I have to mention the house made corn tortillas. All previous food transgressions are erased when home made tortillas are delivered. The thick and hot fresh tortillas really complemented my chileverde. This plate was devoured with delight.

There were some hit and misses today. We shall return for further research and fresh tortillas. This may not of been the best plate of chileverde I have had but it was comforting and satisfying. The prices are more than reasonable. This is home cooked Mexican food with an explanation point. Below is the video from Check Please that inspired this adventure. The journey continues.

Los Arquitos
630 Broadway St,
Vallejo, CA 94590

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