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Saturday, October 7, 2017


Jamestown California was a bustling town in the gold rush era and now is home to Rawhide Meats. We are on a meat adventure and Rawhide Meats is our destination. We had finished our judging duties at the Sonora fairgrounds and Jamestown was a short drive away. The retail store is located right on the main highway and is easy to find if you do not make the mistake we did. We typed into our GPS the Rawhide Meat processing plant which was a little off track. We eventually found our destination.

We enter a clean shop to be greeted by a friendly clerk. Rawhide meats sells a lot of locally raised beef and pork. They smoke sausage and their processing plant which we had driven by earlier by accident. The beef was all grass fed so we took a pass. We did pick up some nice pork loin chops pictured below. I also could not pass up on the bacon which was offered in three different flavors; hickory smoked, black pepper and jalapeno flavored. Several different house made sausages were added to the cart. Our bill was tabulated and the total was very reasonable. I had to remind myself we were out of the Bay Area.

We have returned home and tried these chops They were yummy and full of porkyness. Another meal we sampled the banger sausage and also were pleased. We still are looking forward to trying the jalapeno bacon. Possibly some jalapeno poppers will be in out future. This was a successful Meat Adventure. Jamestown is having a new Gold Rush and it is called Rawhide Meats.

Rawhide Meats.
18256 Hwy 108
Jamestown, CA 95327


Big Dude said...

We managed to visit three of these kinds of places on our recent trip west with the last one in Indiana Amish country (Yoders). Looking forward to try some soon.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, I am looking forward to seeing some pictures. We love going on Meat Adventures.