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Wednesday, May 2, 2018


This Mad Meat Genius is a huge fan of the Weber Kettle Grill. The publishers of ‘The Secrets To Great Charcoal Grilling On The Weber’ must of known this when they sent me this book to review. The author, Bill Gillespie is a championship pitmaster and has penned several other bbq related books. This book covers techniques, tips, recipes and step by step instructions on how to cook on the Weber charcoal grill. We have a copy of this book and would like to share our insight.The first chapter, “All Up In Your Grill” is a must read for any Weber charcoal grill owner. It unlocks the basic techniques for proper usage of the Weber.  The Weber kettle when used properly can do so many cooking tasks. Bill explains the techniques in easy to follow step by step procedures. There is direct, indirect and two zone cooking methods. Once you understand these basic methods the Weber can cook anything.
      The book moves on to recipes.  I would say most of the recipes are simple and basic but the ideas and techniques are fresh and vibrant. How about cooking a skirt steak directly on the hot coals? The images entice and inspire you duplicate the recipes. I particularly found the section on competition barbecue fascinating. This section will give the novice a better understanding how to duplicate award winning championship bbq. The final section has some very unique offerings such as ‘grilled lemonade and French toast.

We cooked some sausage using the two zone cooking method. The sausage turned out juicy and cooked perfectly throughout using this method. Notice the banking of the coals on one side of the grill. The sausage was cooked on the non-direct side for 14 minutes turning once. It was finished for one minute on each side on the direct side. This method is discussed and is so very simple. No flairs ups, perfectly cooked and maximum flavor was achieved using the two zone method.

The Secrets To Great Charcoal Grilling On The Weber is a great book for any Weber Kettle Grill owner. It would be perfect for the novice cook to explain step by step how to use the Weber. The images are so alluring that I would recommend reading this on a full stomach because you will want to cook. The recipes are simple and easy to duplicate. The chapter on competitive cooking was informative and a great starting point for any future competitor. After reading this book, I have new recipes that I want to try. Next time you come over to my house I may be offering you a glass of grilled lemonade.

The Secrets To Great Charcoal Grilling On the Weber
Page Street Publishing Co.
ISBN 978-1-62414-506-3


ReDave said...

I do love my Weber, i'm on my 3rd i think, and my second one went to my son for a second life.
From Turduckens to hotdogs to smoking very versatile!

Charcoal rules, of course!

Chilebrown said...

ReDave, I have been a Weber fan for a long time. I do most of my cooking in the kettle and the WSM. I like the kettle because you can cook almost anything from steaks to bread. Good times.

Big Dude said...

Sounds like a great book and I'm sure I could learn a lot from it.

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, It is a great reference and how to book.