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Monday, August 20, 2018


We are in Susanville California for the 4th Annual Lassen County Barbecue Cookoff. This was the 4th year but our second as attending KCBS judges to this big event at a small town venue. We were excited because the promoters promised this year would be bigger and better than the previous year. It was!!!! We would love to share a few pictures with you.

Twentyseven competitive barbeque team, showed up for this KCBS sanctioned contest. They were hunkered down is a shady grove of the Lassen County fairgrounds. This venue is the perfect place to hold an event. It has an old time feel that delivers a nostalgic fun atmosphere. There is plenty of shade to enjoy the bbq.  We judges were sequestered in an air conditioned building that was perfect in the high 80 degree weather.

There was a car show that highlighted a lot of pride and polished chrome. I particularly liked this model because my parents owned a similar car but I can guarantee it never looked like this.  After strolling the car show one could go into one of the fair buildings to browse local craftsmen wares for sale.

California has been covered with many wildfires this summer season. People are very supportive of all fire personal and responders. This helicopter landed very close to the bbq competitors creating a temporary wind storm. Despite this small inconvenience everyone was happy and proud to welcome this representation.

This was an event to benefit the Lassen Senior Services. This organization is very active in this community delivering meals to seniors. A raffle table was set up and tickets were sold. All proceeds benefited this important organization. I did not win the bbq but I am glad my money went to this cause. Congratulations to ‘Bull Market BBQ’ for winning the Grand Championship. This was a spectacular event and we cannot wait till next year.


Unknown said...

Thank you for coming to our town and being part of this event. It was a pleasure seeing you again. Penny Artz

Chilebrown said...

Penny Artz, We enjoyed your event and hope to see you again next year. Thanks.