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Wednesday, August 29, 2018


We are always on the look out for new and local butchers shops on our journeys. It is what this Mad Meat Genius loves to do and share with you readers. I rely on word of mouth, referrals, publications and one of my easiest tools; Google. Ranchers Meats and Deli is a Google find. I was traveling to Redding California to visit my In-laws and Ranchers was on the way. It was a short detour off the main interstate 5 in Corning California.

We do not know a lot about Ranchers Meats and Deli except this blurb from their website.

 "Deli Sandwiches/Wraps/Salads with a great selection of assorted  Breads, Meats, Cheeses and Condiments.  All sandwiches are made to order.
We offer, BBQ sauces, Olives and Fresh Bread.
We are a Full Service Butcher Shop…Cut to order while you wait.
We have the largest Marinated Meat section in town. We welcome custom orders anytime small or large.We carry Buffalo, Venison, Beef, Pork, Chicken etc"

I entered the shop and did not really see all this. In fact the meat cases were pretty barren. I did see some sandwich making material but there was just not a big selection. There was a freezer case that did have some nice cuts of beef but the clerk did not know anything about them. I found this bone-in rib-eye roast and it was priced reasonably. I wanted to give this roast a home and it went into my empty cart.

Not all of our Google referrals pan out with great results. We cooked this roast and enjoyed its beefy goodness. Did it rock our beef craving world? Let's just say it was a very nice dinner that was not worth writing home about. The Meat Adventure continues.


Big Dude said...

At least the raw chunk looked good. We had a similar experience in Spearfish, SD and even met the farmer at the butcher shop. Maybe my expectations were too high but the steak was no better than I get at the hometown supermarket - but the one from the next place we tried was very good. Have you milled any grain yet?

Chilebrown said...

Big Dude, I have bought several types of wheat berries and just have not put everything to use. I will try to get baking in the next several weeks. I just have been dragging my feet.