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Thursday, January 24, 2019


We have a local network called 'Nextdoor" which allows people in your immediate neighborhood to share information and interact on the internet. A women asked what to do with her citron tree?. The citron tree is more commonly known as a Buddha's Hand. I have tried numerous times to grow this unusual fruited tree with no success. The fruit looks like a lumpy lemon with fingers. It is very fragrant. There is no juice and is very solid. The zest is used like any other lemon and I have made it into candy before. I contacted my neighbor and she was more than happy to sell me a couple. In fact when she found out I was making candy she gave me a couple more with the promise to return with candy.

Making Buddha's Hand candy could not be simpler. The fruit is washed and cut into small quarter size pieces. It is then boiled in sugar water until temperature reaches 230 degrees and the fruit is translucent. Let the candy cool and then place on parchment paper. I let the candy sit for several days to harden and then sprinkled with more sugar.

This candy may be an acquired taste. It is sweet and lemony. It also can be a little bitter too. I find it addicting. The sweet/tart combination is fantastic in my book. I am off to deliver my promised candy to my neighbor.

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Zoomie said...

Sometimes, I buy a Buddha's Hand just to put it in the kitchen for the wonderful scent. If they had any juice, I'd try making marmalade with them, but they are all skin and pith. Lovely.