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Wednesday, January 2, 2019


I love bacon and I love chocolate. Combine the two for a tasty treat that cannot me beat; maybe. Today we are peeling back the wrapper and indulging in a chocolate bar with bacon bits. So much for New Year's resolutions. This particular chocolate bar is made by World Market. It promises on the label; "A tempting blend of smooth, milk chocolate with smokey, hickory bacon notes.". Against my better judgement I went straight to the ingredients list. Bacon bits, the treat that I used to love as a teenager found at most salad bars was on the list. Bacon bits are made of textured soy flour and hydrogenated soybean oil. In the name of Mad Meat Genius research we shall dig in.

The actual chocolate is sweet and smooth with wonderful milk chocolate. This is a texture and flavor that we love. There is a crunch factor to this bar. It is from the familiar crunch of bacon bits. It has a rice crispy type of crunch that is kind of nice. This crunch also has a salty and smoky element that makes this bar pretty darn decent. I am a little perplexed if I should love this bar. I definitely like it. I have to admit I liked bacon bits as a child. Maybe I still am a child. I just have to get past the fact I am eating Fake Bacon. I need to stop reading ingredient lists.

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