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Tuesday, June 18, 2019


I am happy to report there is a new place to buy coffee in Richmond California. There are no shortage of coffee establishments in the Bay Area except for maybe downtown Richmond. Red Bay Coffee has opened in the newly remodeled Richmond Food Hall. Richmond has a reputation of being a rough and tumble town with lots of inner city problems. Red Bay Coffee is a step to smash this image and bring gourmet coffee drinks to downtown Richmond. My farmers market is located nearby and I do love a good cup of coffee so I decided to give it a try.

The new Richmond Food Hall is vacant except for the Red Bay Coffee kiosk. It is a great start for a modern, clean and inviting dinning spot in downtown Richmond. Red Bay Coffee serves all sorts of coffee drinks and small bakery goods. I ordered one of the signature drinks called; Charcoal Latte. It is made with activated charcoal and vanilla to create a different looking and quit pleasing tasting latte.The future is bright for this shop and its location. Something  unique about this venue is re-purposed shipping containers that will eventually house the food shops.  Art work will be displayed from the owner in this modern facility. We hope for success for Red Bay Coffee and Richmond Food Hall.

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