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Wednesday, July 3, 2019


I have returned from my five day road trip to Gallup New Mexico. I am glad to be home. My destination was to visit David Yellowhorse who lives in the Navajo Nation. He is a famous knife and jewelry maker. He hosted us at his house and work shop and gave us a breathtaking tour of the Navajo lands. I also had a duty to explore the local culinary scene. Over the next several days I would like to share some of my food finds. Today we take a glimpse of Earl’s Family Restaurant, a local’s favorite.

Earl’s looks and feels like a big coffee shop from the outside to the inside. There are local vendors set up near the entrance selling handmade jewelry and trinkets. Earls allows these vendors to roam the restaurant hawking their wares. I am not sure if this was fun or maybe an annoyance. They were not aggressive and a hand wave would send them on their way.

I found on my journey that most all restaurants in Gallup serve fry bread and green chile. Earl’s menu is a mix of Mexican and American comfort food.  I ordered a steak and it came with a side of green chile. This is a touch that I love and crave.  You start your meal at a very decent salad bar. My steak came cooked to a perfect medium rare. The green chile was poured over the steak to make this a must have dish.

I have shared the desserts in previous posts but will repeat today. Earls was a down home slice of Gallup comfort food. I want to tell you how much I paid for all this food; a whopping 20 dollars. I had to look at my bill several times to make sure this was correct. I love green chile and Earls did not disappoint. Stay tuned for more chile.

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