Chilebrown at home

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Last July I was visiting David Yellowhorse. an artist and knifemaker at the Navajo  reservation in Lupton, Arizona. Lupton sits right on the border of Arizona and New Mexico. This was a visit that I fondly remember. The historic Route 66 at one time ran right through Lupton and it was a destination stop. The main highway bypasses the historic route now but several tourist stops still remain. I was being a tourist and wanted mementos from my visit. This brightly chili pepper covered packaged bread mix caught my eye for purchase.

This bread contains Hot Pepper so my first instinct was to read the ingredient list. I will spare you the long list  but will tell you red pepper is included. The instructions could not of been easier. Add a can of beer and bake for 50 minutes. This was just too easy and I included some bacon to add a Chilebrown twist. The house smelled scrumptious during the baking period. 

Fifty minutes later and a quick rest it was time to taste. This was a very pleasant tasting bread. It had a slight warmth from red pepper. The texture was of a cross between a soda bread and a biscuit. My bacon twist was an added bonus. I am not sure if I would ever purchase this again. What this bread was was a fond memory of my trip to Lupton this summer. This was priceless. 

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