Chilebrown at home

Thursday, June 10, 2021


The news that my favorite Mexican restaurant may be closed, has saddened this Mad Meat Genius. This news was relayed from the most reliable source of news today; Facebook. La Estrellita, for forty plus years,  has been my go-to all time favorite establishment to enjoy the 'Gold Standard' dish of chileverde. At one time in my life, I sampled all 150 tequilas offered at the bar. I have my fingers crossed this news is not true. One can only hope. 



Aaron said...

Drove by Estrellita last night- the windows are papered over. I can report however that the ladies of the evening are still 100% in business along E. 12th, though I did not see the dwarf lady of the evening.

Chilebrown said...

Now I have to hear the dwarf lady story someday. The neighborhood has always been a little dicey even 40 years ago. I have never experienced any problems dining there day or evening. I am not sure if you ever went to Mexicali Rose during its heyday. Late night dining would have a mix of hookers, pimps, cops and long hair hippie freaks. Good times.

Aaron said...

Spent many a Friday or Saturday night at Mexicali Rose- yes, par for the course for the restaurant across the street from the city drunk tank. But also- in the later years I noticed more and more young Black kids on dates, even late at night. To them Mexicali Rose *was* Oakland Mexican restaurant food. It was just a great all around vibe. Those paintings on the walls! The dim lights!

My version of your chile verde quest/obsession is cheese enchiladas in red sauce- the chile rojo sauce is my benchmark, my hallmark of excellence. Mexicali's was the best in our area. Now I'm left with 1. La Penca Azul, Park St Alameda 2. Otaez. I basically only eat my own chile verde because I've perfected it. For the red enchilada sauce I use the go-to SoCal method I grew up on- doctored Las Palmas.