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Thursday, July 8, 2021


Bakers Bacon named for chef Tony Baker has a designated bacon shop in Marina California. I received intel about this establishment and had to take a look. This was last March and we were still hunkered down in place due to pandemic restrictions. I decided this was a essential staple to life and braved a two hour journey to pay a visit. Marina California is located on the coast and was a scenic drive. It just seemed a little surreal to be out of the house because of the panic and fear instilled by the government and media. We arrived safety to buy some bacon.

Baker claims to have perfected recipes and techniques. He uses heritage breed pork and freely uses all the buzzword descriptors the woke public loves to year; humanely raised, etc. They offer bacon cooked by the Sous Vide method and traditional curing and smoking. They have back bacon and traditional belly bacon. They offer guest  bacons sold by the pound such as the iconic salt bomb from Bentons from Tennessee. House made sausage and even pot pies are for sale. So many choices. Luckily they offered a sampler pack and I was able to get a taste of it all.

We sampled bacons over a couple week period. They were all very good. The pork flavor was not your supermarket garden variety. We had a texture issue with the Sous Vide offering but that possibly may have been from not following their included cooking directions. The sausage was flavorful. Overall these were quality products. I would definitely purchase again. I am not sure that we will be making the two hour drive soon but we might. 


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Big Dude said...

Benton's sells so much ham around the country that we are doing them a favor taking the bones.