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Sunday, July 4, 2021


Joey "Jaws" Chestnut has retained the mustard belt with a world record of 76 hot dogs & buns in 10 minutes. This feat has reaffirmed my belief, that life is good. 


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Chilebrown said...

What greater fortune have we to live in America, to stand side by side on the 4th of July. To behold this man. What greater fortune. like the force of life itself he has ridden on world a belief much like the shiny machinery of our mind., immune to the vagrancy of time, forever entwined in the grip that defies our adams together and when history collapse and existence has no meanings, he will stand for his obligations to fight and conquer an idea for a conviction for freedom for that is the blood of our nation and his is ever onward and to the each pressing the choice blind to all excel the object of his furry and together his assent to saunter to the door of heaven to reach the ears of God himself. Through the curtain of the aura of common phrases to harold his arrival and HIS victory shall be transcribed into the every language in history including Klingon. 75 hog dogs and buns. The rock of which he stands is not a rock but the United States of America; JOEY CHESTNUT