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Sunday, August 1, 2021



It was a DOG day in July. Dutch Oven Gathering at the local Elks Club was the place to be on a Saturday afternoon. It was time for the boys & girls to break out their trusty black iron and create a food extravaganza. We had a small crowd of 25 people this time out. Vacations and scheduling limited participants but that did not damper the festivities. When ever one attends a D.O.G. it is a given fact that you will over eat and roll out of the event satisfied. Today did not dissapoint.

Ed is showing a pot of his braised ribs. He sauced these fall off the bones at the end to create some very tasty ribs. This barbecue judge was very impressed. You might of seen my score by the barbeque sauce painted all over my face. Yours truly made a dish of Chileverde on a custom Cowboy Wok. This is black iron in the form of welded plow disc to form a makeshift Wok. Technically it is not a Dutch Oven but the rules here are very lax.


Pictured below is an actual cheesecake baked in a Dutch Oven. I can personably vouch that is was very tasty and impressive.

It is so nice to be able to gather with friends. To eat, drink and just swap stories makes for a wonderful afternoon. This simple form of entertainment is crucial for well being. I cannot wait for the next D.O.G. 

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