Chilebrown at home

Monday, February 28, 2022


  Once a year we celibrate our Birthday/Anniversary date. Yes, I we got married on my birthday. This Mad Meat Genius has watched many situation comedies where the spouse forgets the date. I ain't no dummy. We like to go to fancy steakhouses for our private little party. Some of you may know that I am easily amused and look forward to the Crumbsweepers appearance. This did not happen last night.

The food was great. The service was fine. They even put little decorations on our table to acknowledge our Birthday/Anniversary celebration. Our dinner entre was complete and my wayward bread crumbs were scattered. Would our beloved Crumbsweeper appear? Our cheerful waitress cleared our table with expertise; stacking numerous plates on her arms that demonstrated balance and coordination. Would that be all tonight? Can I bring you a dessert menu? WHAT? You forgot to sweep the crumbs. My heart dropped. A hollow feeling in my stomach echoed the disappointment my soul recognized. The Crumbsweeper is least for last nights dinner.



Aaron said...

Happy birthaversary! A little disappointed you didn't whip out your own crumbsweeper I will admit.

Chilebrown said...

Aaron, Ben actually gave me a Gold Plated Crumb Sweeper. That would defeat the concept of Crumbsweepernessdom if I performed the ceremony.