Chilebrown at home

Sunday, June 5, 2022



It was a great day for bbq. We loaded up the car and took an hour drive to the E2 Family Winery for a rib cook-off and Cornhole tournament. Twenty nine teams competed today. Possibly the large purse of 3000 dollars for the winner enticed these bbq warriors. The cornhole crowd made this event well attended and fun was had by all. 

We had some very good ribs. The competitors brought their A game today. I still enjoy a good rib and I was not disappointed .

These two brightly colored competitors always had a crowd around them. I was informed they were influencers. (?). Once again I had to ask what that meant. Apparently they have a very large social media presence and are famous in that venue. This old fart is still searching for a pay phone.

Our good friend Derrick Galiste of "Son of Smoke" bbq team took first place and a check for 3000 dollars. Congratulations and WoW.


Zio said...

At first CB I thought you mistakenly drove to Texas. And then I looked closer and realized all those ribs were wet. :P
Looks like a fun day was had by all though :)

Chilebrown said...

Zio, It is pretty standard to start with dry rub and finish with a sauce. I thought all you have in Texas are those longhorn beef ribs.

Zio said...

LOL! Oh no. Texans consume pork ribs like they do poppers and dove breast. They'll eat racks of baby backs at one sitting. There are more cardiac hospitals in DFW than I've ever seen anywhere else... Except Houston 😂. Do you know I have to make a special order of beef back ribs from my ranchers if I want them? One of them considered the back ribs to be a by-product 😱
What?! Give me those 😂