Chilebrown at home

Sunday, June 19, 2022


We are back at an old friend of a contest; "King of The County BBQ Challenge". It is almost in our backyard, the venue is so close. We are not judges today, but we did hang out with the bbq competition team ‘Big Shot BBQ”. The last several years this Martinez, California competition was not held because of Covid concerns. We are happy to be back in any capacity. Gina and Jack was our host and we only observed these two pittmasters at work. They turned in chicken, ribs and a chefs choice entries. We took notes and learned a lot.

The weather was nice and moderate with the temperature hovering in the mid 70’s. This drew a decent crowd to enjoy bbq and music. There were vendors selling everything from food, tie dye clothes and even funeral plots. (I question the choice of venues to sell such morbid goods.) This event is held at the Marina park right on the water front. You could even play bocce ball if you so desired.

What a fun day. I hope you enjoyed a brief glimpse of our day. Next week I will announce a special feature for the month of July at Mad Meat Genius. I will give you a hint. There will be 21 days of fast and furious fun.


Zio said...

I took some time to really look over those pics CB. There is an impressive amount of hardware featured here : ))
I never thought to stop and consider the amount of expense some of these enthusiasts incur at these events. The amount of work and dedication these contestants put into these events is very impressive.

Chilebrown said...

Zio, Boys with their toys. It is amazing of the variety of cookers. A UDS (ugly drum smoker), standard weber kettle and some of the custom trailered cookers that all have the potential to win at any given Sunday.