Chilebrown at home

Sunday, July 7, 2024

Day 9…….Tour de France……………21 Days of racing & snacks

The Race

Hold on to your hats we are going on a wild gravel ride This course is 199KM long from Troyes ending back in Troyes. What makes this stage so exciting and new is the bikes are leaving the flat hard top and racing on some gravel roads. This should be fast and wild.

The Snack

We are going to introduce you to a new and fun snack called Inner Peas. This is a baked pea and rice flour product. They are actually pretty good. They are light and airy with a slight vegetable/pea flavor. They are not overly oily or salty and I really enjoyed them. My apologies in advance for the next statement; How about putting them in the blender. Just imagine Whirled Inner Peas………..your welcome.

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