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Thursday, July 10, 2008


We are returning from a couple of days of vacationing at 'Yosemite National Park'. Yosemite is a destination that I have been going to from childhood. I witnessed the Firefalls. I have camped in the campgrounds. I have stayed at Curry Village in the tent cabins. Today we have kicked it up a couple of notches and stayed at the Awahnee Hotel. It is not as much fun as Camping, but it is okay and I will expand later.
The Bell Captain came to get our luggage and in a instant we were gone from a "Movie Set, of 'Luxurious Delights". We had more important things to do than sit around in the lap of luxury. We were on our way to a Meat Adventure. We were on our way to Oakdale, California. We are going to the 'House of Beef'.
If you ask anybody from town, this is the place to get your beef. The House of Beef has everything you need. We actually bought a hind quarter a couple of years back. This is a no nonsense place to buy beef. They have all the usual cuts. If you live in the Bay Area you will not believe the prices. The prices were very reasonable.
Today we actually bought some Bacon!!. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise. (Revue to follow). We picked up a box of home made ravioli. When I examined it a little closer, I noticed it was made in San Francisco. They were still delicious. We also bough a marinated tri-tip. It went straight to the barbeque when we got home.

The House of Beef is more than a butcher store. They have a restaurant and bar attached to the meat market. We did not get a chance to try it this time. We were there at 10 am and the restaurant had not opened yet. In the past I have witnessed wall to wall of customers. It must be pretty good. If you are traveling to Yosemite, stop on by the House of Beef.

House of Beef
201 North 3rd Av.
Oakdale, California 95361
209 847-5991


meathenge said...

Hey! I got a t-shirt from that place.

I was Mr. Vacation last week, but decided to relax and not do much, heh.


Zoomie said...

I'll remember that next time I head up to Yosemite. Got any recommendations for Sequoia/Kings Canyon?