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Sunday, July 6, 2008


Ms. Goofy is the owner of a new vehicle. It has that new car smell. She wanted to go for a cruise. You know what that means, Meat Adventure. We woke up at the crack of dawn and cruised by the Reverend's house. He jumped into the spacious leather covered back seat. I actually got jealous, so I made him ride shotgun later. We drove across the bridge to our destination, Boccalone. Boccalone is located at the food Mecca Ferry Plaza. We cruised the vegetable booths and ogled the pricey and pretty wares. Enough was had, we needed meat.

Boccalone is a artisinal sausage, and salame meat market. They use heritage breeds of pork, Italian sea salt, and fresh spices. They make a whole range of cured products. They have salame, capacollo, guanciale, pancetta and lot more. They also make fresh sausage, sandwiches and some cooked specialties. The specialties are Mortadella with black truffles and Porchetta di Testa and a few others. We asked for some samples, but that is not allowed. They do sell a meat cup for 3 dollars.. It is a paper cone that is filled l with three types of meat. Our cup had Mortadella, Capocollo, and Soppressata di Calabria. It took a little while to get our cup but it was worth the wait. These meats were stellar. We purchased a Soppressata di Calabria to make a pizza later. Boccalone has some great products. They just opened recently and have to work out a couple of kinks in their service. We will return to try more Meaty Pleasures!>

Boccalone Photos by Dr. Biggles


cookiecrumb said...

Grrr! (great gnashing of teeth)
Cranky and I were planning on visiting Boccalone Saturday morning. It would have been great to run into you all there, and I heard you bumped into Sam, too.
I should try harder to get out of bed in the morning.

Anonymous said...

that pizza looks wonderful.

Chilebrown said...

We were sorry you did not make it too. Meat Adventures are always more fun when you can share with friends! We are heading on a Meat Adventure of sorts right now. We are heading to Yosemite and the Ahwanee Hotel. On the way back we will of course stop at the 'House of Beef' in Oakdale, California. See you in a couple of days.