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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The Ghost pepper, Naga Jolokia, Nai Miris, Raja Mirchi (King of Peppers) and Nagahari are a few names that refer to the Hottest Pepper in the world. This pepper was discovered in India. The Bhut Jolokia is similar to the habanero pepper in appearance only. This pepper has a rougher more dented skin. Oh, and did I mention it is five times hotter than the Habanero. Gourmet magazine claims this is the new trendy pepper.

I have never thought that I would be part of a trend, but 3 Bhut Jolokia plants are growing in my yard. I bought my plants from Cross County Nursery's. Two plants are in the ground and one is in a pot. The one in the pot is growing like gang busters. It is against the house wall that receives afternoon sun. It has been fed worm tea once a week. The peppers were planted in the middle of May. September is probably when the peppers will be ready for harvest.

You may ask, why are you growing these Super Hot peppers? I guess it is because of my love and fascination with all things Chile. They are beautiful plants. They really compliment the garden. I wanted to share the progress of this pepper with you. In September there will be a tasting of peppers. Everybody is welcome to come by and try the Bhut Jolokia. The hospital is only 10 minutes away.


meathenge said...

I'll bring the sugar!


cookiecrumb said...

You are very funny!
(Oh, wait. You're serious?)

Zoomie said...

OMG, you aren't really going to eat those, are you?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

There's an episode of Man Versus Food where they visit an Indian Restaurant in New York which has a very special dish for the challenge. The dish is called 'phaall' is a rich curry with 5 ghost chillis in it. Apparently people attempting the challenge have sprung nose bleeds while eating it. and the chefs all wear breathing masks.