Chilebrown at home

Monday, June 2, 2008


Doesn't that sound refreshing. It actually is if you are a plant in the garden. Worm tea will be used as a fertilizer in the Chilebrown garden. Red Worms given the right environment will digest and turn your vegetable peelings and scraps into tea and compost. They only need a place to live. I have a worm bin that I got from our local county at a discount. It is more than simple to care for these wigglers. A little food now and then and they go to town. They are also very forgiving if you forget about them. They are the perfect pet!!. I am just kidding Mojo & Oscar.

Red Worms like to live in a moist environment. They like damp shredded newspaper. I take vegetable scraps and bury them under the newspaper. The worms will double in 6 weeks if they have enough food. When I feed them, I pour water over the top of the shredded newspaper and it trickles through the worm field. It collects in the bottom of the bin creating a Tea. There is a spigot on the bottom to drain the tea. The tea is then diluted with water and fed to the garden plants.
I have been watering my tomatoes, peppers, roses and everything planted with a diluted worm tea once a week. The plants have been responding by flourishing. I should have a bumper crop of vegetation this summer.
This tea has become so valuable that I have had to post a Guard Dog at the Tea filling station.


meathenge said...

Annnnnn, two scrambled ... , um. Maybe no breakfast today. Thanks anyway mang!


Zoomie said...

I am darkly intrigued by this worm thing - maybe next year if I get serious about the gardening thing in my retired years... Love the guard dog, who looks so not guardy!

Chilebrown said...

Hey Zoomie, The truth is, I have to guard the tea from Mojo. He will eat and drink anything.

Zoomie said...

Dogs are like that, especially hunting breeds. I had two Springer spaniels and they were total garbage hounds. Totally ovable, of course, but garbage hounds anyway!