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Sunday, June 29, 2008


The Alameda County Fair is an old time, good time. There is something for everyone. There is the Midway to ride the carnival rides. You can win a stuffed bear for your Loved One. There is Cotton Candy and Corn Dogs. There was a booth barbecuing a monster cut of beef.What more do you need? The horse races are their to try your luck.There are pavilions to buy everything you always never needed. This is Old fashioned fun.

Ms. Goofy and I packed up her new car. She received this as a stipend for reviewing some bacon a little while back. We drove to Pleasanton Ca. to check out the Alameda County Fair. The fair dates are from June 20-July 6. They have all the usual suspects. The livestock exhibits, 4-H, quilting, pie making, gardening, and horse racing. We found some events that really caught our eye. They had a tamale cooking contest today. We had to try some of course. They had a Roller Derby Match that was too much fun. (More, Later). We tried our luck by wagering at the horse race. Our horse came in second. The weather was perfect. The smoke has died down a little. I would guess the temperature was in the middle 80's. It was a good old fashioned day!!!!

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs!!!

Chilebrown going after the big Teddy Bear


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