Chilebrown at home

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Here comes the cream of the crop, banner, ace, first class, quality, tip top, superior, splendid, prime, divine, fabulous, out of this world bacon. It is my own creation. I have chronicled its birth in two previous articles. (Makin Bacon I, Making Bacon II). It is time to review my baby. I had an initial taste the first day it had been smoked. My first reaction was it was a little salty. It rested for a couple of days til Bacon Friday. I brought it to scrutiny by some true professional bacon tasters. I have included myself in this clan of three. I promise to be partial!

The meat to fat ratio leans on the meaty side. I would like to say it is Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy. The salt was pronounced but not overpowering. It had a sweetness that was subtle. Ms. Goofy claims it has a Meaty Ham taste!. It had just the right texture. It had a little chew, but not enough to tax your dentures. Overall it was almost a perfect bacon. Chilebrownacon will be awarded 4.6 stars out of 5.

Rating: 4.6 stars out of 5
Price: Free till it runs out
Where: Chilebrown's House


Zoomie said...

Well, congratulations on the winning bacon! You rock!

meathenge said...

Wahooooo, yeah baby. And I was totally there, chomp !

I wanna do some cold smoking, I did it once before in my smoker, but it was a pain in the ASS. I want a smoker that's made for cold smoking, like POW. Just like that.


Andrew said...

Glad it turned out well, life is good!