Chilebrown at home

Friday, June 27, 2008


Have you ever left a Barbeque catalog on the Coffee table or the Ice chest?. Have you ever told your wife that you are an "Iron Chef", and you need a new grill?. You leave the catalog on the table. The gift (barbeque) is circled and arrowed. You want to drop a hint. How do you do it? Well , I think the best hint to bring your" Beautiful Special Someone" Ms. Goofy, and show her the gift that will make her Man Happy! It is the George Jetson , Lost in Space, and 2008 barbeque. It is a custom barbeque that we happened upon at a festival in Martinez, Ca. I do not think I will get it for Christmas. I can only dream!!!


cookiecrumb said...

God, you're laying it on heavy, man.
Poor Ms. Goofy.

Chilebrown said...

Poor Ms.Goofy,
I bought Ms. Goofy a new car just so she would vote for the Chilebrownacon. She would have liked it anyway but I had to hedge my betts. If I had that barbeque I could fly to the moon. I could be a Moon Pie! See what you have started Ms. Crumbcookie!

Zoomie said...

Wow, it looks cool, but will that shallow lid accommodate a turkey for smoking?

Chilebrown said...

You could probably put the whole barnyard in that beauty. It takes two people to lift the lid off.

Zoomie said...

That's amazing! I hope you get one but it's hard to imagine what incentive you could give Ms. Goofy after already giving her the new car to cement a favorable rating on the Chilebrownacon!