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Friday, September 11, 2009


These are not Anaheim' peppers. They are not New Mexican. They are not Nu-Mex Jim's. These are California Long Hot peppers. They do not claim to be anything else. Joe's Chili Peppers located in Stockton California sells the real deal. These are long green chile's ready for roasting, stuffing and just plain enjoying. You can buy peppers picked in the morning and roasted right in front of your drooling, eye watering pepper hound mug.

Ms. Goofy and I make a pilgrimage every other year and buy a 50 pound sack of 'green chile nirvana'. It is very impressive when you see 5 roasters fired up. There is a blast of propane fueled rocket noises. There is sputtering and flaming that makes you wonder if you are going to launch into outer space. We may find out that the moon is made of green chile. "Hey, the World was not flat". The smell of roasted pepper's can be smelled 5 miles away. (Take that:"Spare The Air", Bureaucrats}. Our 50 pound sack of peppers is roasted in less than 5 minutes. Our expert roaster lets them cool down for another 15 minutes. He then puts them in a large plastic and paper sack. Stockton is two hours away from our Barbeque Palace. When we got home they were still smoking hot. Oh, by the by, we stopped on the way home at 'Habanero Hots'. Ms. Goofy and I were parched from all that chile smoke.

If you are a Chilehead, could you, would you pass by a restaurant called 'Habanero Hots'. Ms. Goofy was driving by her 'Chili/Meat' navigational system which steered us right into the parking lot. This place looked like a smoking hot hangout. The first thing we noticed was the Habanero challenge. Ms. Goofy was not up to the contest and I had to be a designated back seat driver. We did have a liquid refreshment and some Habanero salsa. The salsa had a pleasantly medium hot kick. Not for the chile-challenged, but nice for the chilehead nation.

We arrived home and let our chile cool down. It was one hot day! Later on, after Ms. Goofy was released from the couch, we placed our chile in different size freezer bags. These peppers freeze so well. Take a bag out of the ice cave and let it partially thaw. The blistered skin will fall away with a gentle wiping. This 50 pound sack will last us 2 years unless we give too much away. This green chile has so many uses and so little time. So little time today to enjoy California Long Hots!!!!!!

Joe's Chili Peppers
8038 E. Ratto Rd.
Stockton, Ca. 95212
209 931-2726 or 351-3002 Call a couple of days in advance if you want a 50 pound sack

Habanero Hots
1024 E Victor RdLodi, CA 95240
(209) 369-3791


Chef JP said...

Gaw Dang! Those chiles look awesome. You really know how to live pard!

Chilebrown said...

Hey Chef JP, I have a big pot of chili verde on the stove right now. Great food for football