Chilebrown at home

Monday, September 7, 2009


Clear Lake California at Konicti Vists was the place to be for the Killer barbeque competition this Labor Day weekend.. A Crab pot full of competitors battled it out for money and bragging rights. Why a Crab Pot full?. Captain Pill Harris was in the house. He did not actually judge, but his two sons picked up the crustacean slack. His two sons Jake and Joshs were almost to Kool for school. They have reached celebrity status in a short amount of time. Josh and Jake took the CBJ oath with the rest of us . I think Jake did not know the seriousness of his job until Josh reeled him in like a big ole salmon/crab/goofball.

So much good food, It Is tough being a judge. You need to lower your head and hunker down to critique some serious Que. These Warriors have spent a lot of time, money and commitment to their entries. We take our judging serious. We would love to give everybody the perfect score of nine. Some pieces are not perfect. It is our job to take every piece of meat and judge it accordingly. You may say, "What a tuff job". We take this job with a poker face.sober deliberate and honest attitude'. It has improved our barbeque knowledge and is a great network for meating like minded people. Ms. Goofy and I have found our calling. Oh I need to take a nap

More pictures tomorrow


PresidentofCookies said...

How many meat babies are you expecting this time?

Chilebrown said...

Quadruplets this time. You think I could have my own reality show. "Captain Chilebrown's Meatbabies"

meathenge said...

Captain Sig of the Northwestern totally rocks. I'd drive to Nevada to meet him in the same stead for sure. SIG RULES !!!