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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Our Meat Adventure today takes us to 'Drewes Bros Meats' located in San Francisco California. This meat market has been open since 1889 and claims to be the oldest operating butcher shop in California. Ms. Goofy and I decided that Drewes was worthy of an adventure. We wanted to experience this living history of meat purveyance. Drewes Bros. is located in the Noe Valley district of the City. Noe Valley was once a working class neighborhood. It has been magically transformed into a 'Yuppie' oasis for young urban professionals. Drewes Bros caters to this tony neighborhood.

When you first walk into Drewes, a hodgepodge disarray is the predominate decorating theme. The walls are an eclectic collection of pictures, art and clutter. Drewes runs a mailbox service that is located in a corner. There are a couple of shelves with Sundry Items. A steel beam in the ceiling runs from the meat displays to the back walk-in. It is an impressive piece of steel. At one time, meat carcasses were hung and guided a long these tracks.

Drewes has a very impressive line up of meats. They have all top shelf meat providers. Niman Ranch, Angus Meyer, Natural Hill, Petaluma Farms and the famous Rosie Organic Chicken are some of the suppliers. Another Drewes claim is: " All of our products (except for some sausages) are all natural, free-range, with absolutely no hormones, antibiotics or preservatives". I am feeling good all ready. You will pay top dollars for these superstars of the meat world. There may also be a surcharge for the privilege of shopping in Noe Valley.

The people that worked at Drewes were very friendly. Our meat adventure ended with a purchase of some smoked ham hocks and of course some double smoked bacon from Schaller & Weber We have just experienced living meat history.

1706 Church St.
San Francisco, Ca. 94131


Zoomie said...

Waiting patiently for the bacon review.

cookiecrumb said...

I used to live around the corner from Drewes, over in "Baja Noe." Where the rent was one block cheaper than in Noe Valley.
But yeah, I shopped at Drewes. It's really nice that the place survived (under new and enthusiastic ownership).

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, next week! I am on vacation and will bring habaneros to Catahoula.

Cookiecrumb, I find that amusing. Wikipedia states the boundries of Noe Valley are flexible according to which Real Estate Agent was involved.
I remted in Baja Piedmont many moons ago. They were nice 2 bedroom homes, but not the mansions associated with Piedmnot. If you were a resident of Piedmont you could get a sticker for your tennis racket. This would entitle you to priority on the courts. We would upset the upper crusts because we had our stickers.

meathenge said...

While you were off on your meat adventure, I was in Berkeley observing a white trash knife fight in a decent looking minivan. They were hollerin' for over 45 minutes!


Chilebrown said...

Dr. Biggles, Please check yourself in immediately. The white coat with no sleeves is a good thing. We can talk about it.