Chilebrown at home

Thursday, December 31, 2009


Did you get your Mad Meat Genius Apron for Christmas? My sister 'President of Cookies' made this fine garment to protect me against kitchen spills. You may notice that I am leaning in one direction. That is because I am trying not to drop the 30 pounds of black iron. This was a gift from Ms. Goofy for our dutch oven competitions. This 16 inch oven will probably hold a side of beef.

Why am I showing you my lovely Christmas presents you may ask? I am shamelessly entering a contest from "Mangos chili and Z". She asked us to show our Christmas bounty and post about it. The prize is a cookbook from Colorado. This would be perfect to find a suitable use for some spicy jalapeno BBQ sauce that Leann sent me from the Denver area. This was to pay off a wager. Ahhh Sweet Victory!


Anonymous said...

Love the apron, and gotta love that huge cast iron! Glad to hear you got the BBQ sauce. I've never cooked with it or even tasted it. It's just the only bbq sauce that's made right here in Highlands Ranch - and yes, that is Bronco Country. And by the way - where's your head????

Chilebrown said...

I have a head made for radio! Looking forward to the sause.

Chris said...

And I thought my #12 cast iron was nice sized! That's a nice dutch oven.