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Thursday, February 11, 2010


My nephew Jeremy has won his race with the surgeons. When Jeremy is not doting over his wife Rebecca and two young daughters, Jesse and Micah, he is a long distance runner. He has competed in triathlons and ultra marathons. Jeremy is no stranger to preparing for a race. It takes training, strategy, discipline, and pain to come out on top. He has a great support group of family and friends to help him in this next stage of his life.

Like my father, I find comfort in gardening. Sometimes to relieve stress, I go into the garden and pull some weeds or plant something. I needed to plant something. A ‘Rio Oso Gem’ would fit the bill. A ‘Rio Oso Gem’ is an heirloom variety of peach tree. This variety is a freestone peach with a beautiful yellow skin with a red blush. This tree will blossom with showy pink flowers. It is named after the town of ‘Rio Oso’ located in the Sierra foothills of California. As you can see this is a bare root tree. It will take several years before it will bare fruit. We will have to nurture and support this fragile staff of life. We will water, prune, fertilize and do what ever it takes to make this tree strong. This will be my Jeremy tree.

Jeremy, in the very near future, we are all going to sit down and have a ‘Big Ole’ piece of peach pie.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted an update for Jeremy's condition. And I hope your Jeremy-tree flourishes for many years to come.

Zoomie said...

Great idea, Chilebrown. And may I have a taste of that pie when it's ready, please?

Chilebrown said...

Thanks you two goofballs, I am hoping Jeremy reads this while he is playing darts with the nurses in his room. Jeremy you better practice.

PresidentofCookies said...

Did you know that the Rio Oso was Dad's favorite peach? We used to go to the same farm in Brentwood to pick the Rio Osos. They are great peaches--put us on the list for all of your extras.

PS Great news Jeremy!!!

Anonymous said...

Great news about Jeremy. Thanks for the update. I'm sure that Jeremy tree will flourish and can't wait for a post showing it's first peaches - and what you do with that peach.

Chilebrown said...
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Chilebrown said...

Jeremy is walking around the hospital and challenging people to dart games. They say he will be out sooner than expected. You go boy!

I let you win that dart game.

Chris said...

So glad to hear Jeremy is doing well.