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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Sometimes on Craigslist you can find some wonderful barbeque treasures. Somebody was selling a PizzaQue and I could not resist. A Pizzaque is a ceramic stone that is housed in a stainless steel base which has a thermometer. This would be perfect for pizza. Last night was the maiden voyage for this new barbeque tool/toy. This pizza would have all premium ingredients. The crust would be made with a sourdough starter. Four types of cheese would melt together to form a gooey delicious pie. To put this pizza over the top some sausage from Willow Glen Meats would garnish the top.

The instructions for the PizzaQue are simple. Light a fire, let the stone heat and then cook. That is what we did. I used a chimney full of briquet's. The thermometer registered 600 degrees. I am a little skeptical on this reading. We cooked our pizza for about 10 minutes. It looked oh so very good. It even tasted better than it looked. Now the reason I am skeptical on the temperature reading is because the crust bottom never crisped up as it should. It was cooked, but not to the degree our wood burning oven could achieve.

The PizzaQue will take its place in the Mad Meat Genius arsenal of barbeque tools. It is a lot of fun cooking pizza on the barbeque.


meathenge said...

OH yeah baby. 600 is high, if that's what it really was, but your wood fired oven should be 800 or so. At least that's what tandoors and traditional pizza ovens reach, upwards of 900.

xo, Biggles

Chilebrown said...

I know, I was just hopin to get that crackle in the crust. It still is too much fun.

Zoomie said...

What fun! And your finished pizza looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Just curious, but did you find that you lost a lot of heat when you removed the dome of your kettle? The few times we've used a stone (not this one) on the grill this was a problem/

Greg said...

I used my oven pizza stone on the que and got fantastic result, that is for the first pie. The next one was burnt to a crisp on the bottom and not done on top. Go figure.

cookiecrumb said...

I like it! Pizza looks good, too. Probably the stone just needed longer heating (which is corroborated by Greg's remark).

Are all these items going into the Mad Meat Museum when you die?

Rene said...

That looks awesome, gotta ad that to my arsenal-


Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, I just had a piece for breakfast.

Zia, I tried to only remove the lid for a minimal amount of time.

Greg, We cooked two pizzas. I did wait 5 minutes between the two. There was not much of a problem except the crust never became crisp.

Cookiecrumb, To be honest, I have never had morbid thoughts like that. Since you have mentioned it, "I Chilebrown, being of Mad Meat Genius mind, do hearby leave my PizzaQue to Cookiecrumb". That takes care of that.

Rene, Hematoma?

Anonymous said...

I want a pizzaque!

cookiecrumb said...

Sir, I do not wish you ill! You'll outlive me, anyway.

Chris said...

Was 600f the temp of the air under the stone or the stone itself? If it was just the air maybe the stone wasn't preheated yet?

I have not seen one of these so I only can offer suppositions;)