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Sunday, September 5, 2010


The weather has been fairly strange here in the Bay Area. Especially hot, and then mild, below normal summer temperatures have plagued our ‘West Coat’ climate. Today was a semi-normal day of being foggy in the morning and eventually warming up to the high 70’s later in the afternoon. The cool weather this morning inspired us to go to the Ferry Plaza Farmers market in the ‘City’. This farmers market is a food destination worth going to in any climatic experience ‘Mother Nature’ wants to throw our way.

Tomatos and peppers are shining with their brilliant colors. Basil, oregano, and other herbs fragrance this tourist and food Mecca called the Ferry Plaza Market. We had a shopping list that we could not deter from today.

Bacon hot dogs
Hot sauce
Fresh masa for tamales
• Corn
• Mama Zumma's Revenge (Optional)

We shopped and browsed some of the finest food products of the nation. We purchased our humble list and started to leave. Chris Cosentino and his son were acquiring food items to fill his shopping list. He did not recognize us so we just smiled and went our separate ways. We both had a shopping cart full of great food items. It was a good day in the ‘City’.
The End


Chris said...

Gorgeous shot of the bridge, moody and it makes me chilly.

Greg said...

The crowds there rankle me a bit but the food is sure delicious. Every had the Porchetta Sandwich off the Roli-roti truck? I counted 65 people in line at Thursday market.

Chilebrown said...

Chris, We try to go once a month through out the year. I still am amazed and awed by all the food products.

Greg, We always try to get there around 900am. The crowds are just starting. Have not had the sandwich, but that truck smells oh so delicous!

Zoomie said...

Love the bridge photo. I haven't been to the SF market in a long time - must remedy that!

cookiecrumb said...

Lard Pie Dough. Heaven.