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Monday, September 6, 2010


 Two weeks vacation from the salt mine and so many ‘Meat Adventures’ to go on. This Meat Adventure brought us to Chico California. We had a very successful visit to U.C. Davis Meat Lab, so we thought “Chico State” would be a meat department just as worthy. This Meat department had all the right tools and then some.

 Except for the ‘Ebonics’’ take on their sign, they were a meat worthy destination. This meat lab was located in a rural area of Chico. You could see the cattle grazing on the grounds. The actual meat market was no more than a window which you placed your order. A pork shoulder of Yorkshire cross breed was obtained. This beautiful pork shoulder was obtained at a very decent price.

The Recipe

(This recipe is only approximations and please adjust to your situation.)

1  1 pound of pork shoulder ground. (The best you can find, at UC Chico)
2   2 tsp sugar
3  1 tsp cumin
4  3 tsp salt
5  2 tsp black pepper
6  2 tablespoons of freshly ground cilantro
7  3 tablespoons freshly ground jalapenos.
8  2 dozen dried corn husks (Soak in warm water until pliable.)

Combine the first 6 ingredients and let rest in refrigerator for a couple of hours. Once meat mixture is cool form into 1/3 cup rolls. Then wrap in corn husks. Smoke or cook corn husk rolls until the internal meat temperature reaches 150 degrees.

This batch of meat tamale was cooked on a Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker. The wood of choice was apple wood. A thermometer was placed in the middle of tamale to monitor the final temperature.

Serve this with salsa and home made corn tamales. The salsa was a melody of home grown produce. The corn tamale was sweet with fresh corn. This sausage was smoky, spicy and bursting with wonderful pork juices. The corn husk protected and cradled this pork bundle of flavor. This Meat Adventure ended with very tasty results.


Greg said...

All meat Tamales? That's why they call you genius.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Cookiecrumb gave me that title. We just like to have fun. Thanks!

Kailyn said...

Boris says that although he may be part black, all cats say "meats." Natasha on the other hand is ready to cut someone with her claws. OK. She's ready to cut someone everyday. Bottom line is you are now on Boris' list. He can't believe that you have gone to all these meat-related places without him. I try to shoo him away but he reads over my shoulder.

And thanks for the reminder that I need to make some tamales on my own.

Chilebrown said...

We will try to include Boris on our next Meat Adventure. He will have to flip Oscar for shotgun.

La Finca has fresh masa. It is a tortilleria extraordinare.(3801 Foothill Blvd)

Anonymous said...

How simple and delicious does this sound!?!?! Love this idea!

Anonymous said...

This looks like a wonderful filling... gonna have to give it a spin.

Chris said...

That pork shoulder is gorgeous. A piece of agriculture art. And these meat tamales are off the charts phenomenal. You rock!

Rene said...

This is some truly inspired meat. I've wanted try a tamale for a long time-