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Friday, November 12, 2010


Green is the new Black. ‘Sustainable Practices and All Natural” are the key buzzwords in today’s market. Can you apply this to barbeque? Of course, Carrie Brunelle and Tim Bryan have created a barbeque store called ‘Green Leaf BBQ’ to fill this void. These two entrepreneurs’ have opened a barbeque store in Livermore California that embraces these contemporary concepts. To visit Green Leaf was a Mad Meat Genius homework assignment that had to be completed. A short sixty minute jaunt on our local highway without a traffic jam was an intervention from a higher source suggesting this BBQ store may be on to something.

I was greeted by Carrie and was enlightened to a store full of non propane, non gas, but efficient fuel burning barbeque cooking vessels. Several sizes of the ‘Green Egg’ were on display. These barbeques use little fuel to lower the carbon sin. One little ‘Egg’ in the window reminded me of a puppy that needed to be adopted to a deserving and wanting home. (Hint). A combination smoker/ pizza oven was a dream of mine that materialized in this crazy wonderful store. This is a atore for a Mad Meat Genius full of barbeque delights.

Sauces and rubs occupied a wall of this store. These were not your Wally-Mart variety of concoctions. These were competition worthy sauces that will save you a mail order fee. Blues Hog is a special sauce that we love and was stocked on this rack of goodyness. This will definitely bring us back again and again.

My favorite section of Green leaf BBQ was the selection of smoking woods. This collection of wood reinforces Carrie and Tim’s policy of sustainable products. This wood is recycled from wine barrels and from the burn pile. Wine stained oak barrel chunks are their signature wood. Grape vine wood with different fruit and hardwoods are stocked in the bins of this smoking devilishly pile of delights. You can mix and match to create a cornucopia of smoking material and then pay by the pound.

Green Leaf BBQ store is a destination store for great BBQ material. I did not mention all the tools and gadgets that the have in stock. They also have cooking classes. What a great place! I am bringing Ms.Goofy just to see that cute little ‘Green Egg” in the window. Come for the ‘Green Barbeque’ items and shop for ‘Christmas wishes!!!

Green Leaf BBQ
25 S Livermore Ave #111

Livermore, CA 94550


Zoomie said...

I know where you hope Santa shops this year!

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, I have my fingers crossed.

cookiecrumb said...

Yeah, I think Ms. Goofy has to buy you the little egg.

Chris said...

I think the most special gift I have ever received, the one that said, "She loves me, she really loves me" was when Alexis bought me my Big Green Egg.

:) ;) You're welcome. I tried.

I would have loved to been at Green Leaf for the BBQ Brethren Bash a few weeks ago:

Robert said...

It's sad to say, but I think getting a big sack of smoking wood would be the perfect Christmas gift for me.

"What did you get from Christmas?"
"A big sack of wood!"
"And I couldn't be happier!"

Chilebrown said...

cookiecrumb, I hope your right.

Chris, Pure poetry, Thanks!

Robert, I would be happy with a sack of wood. Maybe a little dissappointed.

Anonymous said...

What a great store! Too bad they don't have internet orders... I'd be all over that like a bad rash!

Greg said...

Crazy cool store.