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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


You will need to show an ID to partake of this recipe. This is mustard that you never had as a child. Now that we are all grown up, let me start again. Now that we all are adults it is nice to have a little libation in your cooking repertoire once in a while. This recipe will not disappoint at your cocktail hour. One cup of your favorite bourbon is mixed with mustard seeds, honey and dried apricots. The mustard seeds are seeped in the bourbon overnight and ground and mixed with other components the following day. The ingredients are few but add up to a huge wallop of adult flavor. It is best to use your favorite bourbon because this mustard is not cooked and you will get the full strength onslaught of bourbon liquor and flavor.

Adults Only; Bourbon Mustard

1. 1 cup of mustard seeds (Yellow)
2. 1 cup of bourbon
3. 1 cup of water
4. 1 cup of dried apricots chopped
5. 5 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
6. 5 tablespoons honey
7. 1 tablespoon salt.

Combine mustard seeds, bourbon and water and let soak for at least 24 hours. Add chopped apricots and let soak for another 12 hours. Strain mixture and reserve liquid. Add soaked seeds and apricots to food processor and add rest of ingredients. Process seeds honey, salt and vinegar and apricots until desired consistency is achieved. Add reserved liquid while processing. The mixture will thicken as it sits in the refrigerator.

“Wow! Bang, Zoom, To the Moon Alice” This mustard was sweet with apricot flavor and thick with a peppery hot flash from the freshly ground mustard seeds. The alcohol flavor is very prominent but is mellowed from the honey and apricots. Your last flavor sensation is a hint of vinegar to finish this ‘Adults Only’ mustard. This was tried on a sausage and ‘Nathan’s’ chili dog Mad Meat Genius creation. The chili was from a secret recipe from ‘Andy’s Oak Pit’ restaurant. The secret chili may be a story for another day. Today’s mustard was a hit. Sweet, tangy with mustard seed bite, and a finish of bourbon to warm your soul made this mustard a wonderful adult treat.


Zoomie said...

First time I've seen two sausages on a single bun. My hat is off to you.

cookiecrumb said...

So, Chile, do you think you could cook the mustard a little if you weren't going for that raw alcohol punch?
Sounds so cool.

Greg said...

That will cure all that ails you!

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Both the hot dog and sausage were avialable and we also iwanted to try the chili, Voila!

Cookiecrumb, Very good question. If you do not like alcohol or bourbon this recipe is not for you. You definately get a wallop of alcohol. The sweetness from the apple cider vinegar, honey and bourbon.(The bourbon I used is on the sweet side) mellows the harshnes of the alcohol. You could use less alchol and more water, but why bother. I would not suggest cooking but just going for the gusto or just opening a bottle of French's and swiggin a glass of your favorite adult beverage.

Greg, Oh yeah!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love mustard. And bourbon. This is almost a religious conversion!

Chilebrown said...

Zia, I like it too. This mustard may and can be addictive. I just found myself dipping some carrots and radishes in it.

Chris said...

Totally impressed and intrigued. Have you tried this as an ingredient in cook or just as a condiment? I'm thinking this would be spectacular used as a wet rub for turkey breast or chicken.

I just saved this to try.

Chilebrown said...

Chris, I have not cooked with it. I have been tempted to just take a shot of it.