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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Today and all month is an event called “Vegan MoFo”. This is a month long celebration of ‘Vegan’ food. Two hundred bloggers will be posting daily vegetable recipes and tips for non meat cuisine. I thought I would jump on the band wagon and help out the cause. I actually really enjoy vegetables. I love to grow them and consume them usually with dairy products and bacon. Why do people embrace vegetarianism? It may be because of; religious beliefs, health reasons, possible mental retardation, and mainly because vegetables can be darn tasty. We will give, “Eatwells Chili Salt’ sprinkled on some vegetables a gander today in honor of ‘Vegan MoFo’.

Eatwell farm’ is 105 acre organic farm located in the Sacramento valley. They are a Community Supported Agricultural farm that sells to subscribers and farmers market. The label on this product claims the ingredients are; unrefined French Atlantic grey sea salt and smoked dried organic chili. The website does not elaborate on these ingredients, except the suggestion that there may be smoked Serrano chiles. This leaves a lot of questions. Chili, not chile? What the tarnation is French Atlantic grey sea salt? One can only guess at the origins of these ingredients.

This salt has a pleasant smoky pepper aroma. A little taste on the finger tip and I could not identify the pepper. There is no pepper burn. The smoke is not overpowering. It tasted wonderful on my tomato and radish taste dish. Later these seasoned vegetables tasted great in my salad. The pepper flavor was not very strong and was only a nuance of salty chile essence. This will be an easy way to add smoke flavor to a dish with out having to use a grill. This flavored salt would be wonderful as a finishing garnish for corn on the cob.

I hope you liked my contribution to ‘Vegan MoFo’. I need some bacon!


Zoomie said...

The last thing I'd have expected would be a vegan post from you. You feelin' okay?

Greg said...

I tried smoking salt once. I found it difficult to keep it lite. ;) That tomato one of yours?

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Most of my vegan experiences involve bacon.

Greg, I still have a couple of tomato's left. They do not have the flavor of last month. Most smoked salts I have experienced have been to smoky. This one is mellow.

Chris said...

I have some espresso salt and ginger salts I received as samples and they are subtle too.

LMAO over Greg's comment.

Greg said...

"possible mental retardation"

I loved that line. Annoying vegetarians is doing God's work.

cookiecrumb said...

Whoops, there was some cheese on my burritos today; not vegan.