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Sunday, October 31, 2010


The Bay Area is alive with 'Worlds Series' fever. The Giants have won the first two games and everybody is excited. This is a great reason to makes some bacon wrapped chicken lollipops. It just so happens we have some home cured, applewood smoked bacon for this endeavor. Chicken drummetes will be 'frenched' to form a sort of lollipop. Sliced bacon will be wrapped around this drummete and all will be smoked with a combination of apple and hickory wood.

A sharp knife is crucial to form these lollipops. Slice all around the wing joint. Pull and scrape the meat down the bone and pull over tip. After the first one is completed it gets a lot easier. Use your favorite rub to season the meat. Wrap the drummette with a thin slice of bacon and secure with a toothpick. The 'Chile Grill' was the perfect vehicle to hold these adult lollipops.

The smoker was set to 230 -250 degrees and wood was added to the fire. Our appetizers were smoked for an hour and one half. Oh man, did these baby's smell good. A little drizzle of our favorite barbeque sauce of the moment was the finishing touch. We will be sitting on the edge of the couch rooting for the Giants. Bacon wrapped chicken lollipops will be the perfect rally snack. Go Giants!


Chris said...

These are impressive, CB! Perfect tailgating food.

Greg said...

Best looking lollipop I've ever seen.Go Giants!

cookiecrumb said...

Strangely compelling. Wow.

Chilebrown said...

Chris & Greg, The lollipops were very smoky good. I am having one tonight too. Hopefully we will get a win.

cookiecrumb, I find you Strangely compelling.

Chilebrown said...

Go Giants! 3 to 1. One more win to clinch the World Series. Go Giants!

Intern said...

These look like the pig wings we sold at the State Fair! I bet they were delicious!

Chilebrown said...

Giants World Series Champions!

Chilebrown said...

Hey Intern, California State Fair? Let me know next year and I will stop by.

Chef JP said...

Hey Chile -- congrats on the Giants big win in the series! Now, about them chicken lollipops....oh yeah!

Monkey Wrangler said...

These are proof that the inspiration and dedication toward the Giants was somehow transmitted to them and it worked! Go Chile!

No really, these are brilliant.

Chilebrown said...

Chef JP, It took 56 years to win a World Series. It is about time.

Monkey Wrangler, Did you brew a 'Giants' libation?