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Saturday, October 9, 2010


Buck O'Neil
First Baseman "Kansas City Monarchs"
It has been a wonderful week in Kansas City. The people of the Midwest are friendly and defiantly know their barbeque. Complete strangers have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome and help us enjoy our visit. We met new friends from all over the country at the ‘American Royal BBQ Competition’. The last two barbeque restaurants we will visit on this trip is first, our hands down favorite Oklahoma Joe’s, and then ‘Jacks Stack’ which most locals have recommended.

Fiorella’s Jack Stack’ is more than just a casual bbq joint. This establishment is more on the elegant side. Fireplace, outdoor patio dining, linen tablecloths, waiters and a full service bar. This all adds up to a great barbeque dining experience. We were told by numerous locals to try the beans and Ms. Goofy wanted to try the burnt ends. We only ordered these two items because of limited stomach capacity. It has been a long week of over indulgence of food. In the name of research for Mad Meat Genius it was our duty to give ‘Jack Stack’ a try.

We sat at the bar and had a local micro-beer a 'Bully Porter' from Boulevard Brewing. This porter was a dark chocolaty meal in its self. The burnt ends and beans were promptly served and we dug in. This was one taste treat. The bark on the beef was a meat candy treat. One you had sunk your teeth through the bark you were greeted with a moist tender center of flavorful beef. Just the right amount of smoke flavored this adult candy bar. The beans did not disappoint either. They were smoky sweet with molasses and just a little hint of pepper. They are the perfect accompaniment to any barbeque meat. I wish we had more room to sample more of these meat treats but I did not want to buy another airplane seat for my meat baby

“It’s a BBQ restaurant in a gas station”, advertises Oklahoma Joe’s. Yes it is, and oh what a find this barbeque palace was. You can fill up your tank with 2.65 cents/gallon gas and fill up your soul with some heavenly Que. The history of Oklahoma Joes can be traced back to competition bbq with the KCBS. This reflects on the meat products they serve. Ribs for me and pulled pork sandwich for Ms. Goofy was the order. Burnt Ends are served on Wednesdays and unfortunately it was only Tuesday. To get through to the restaurant you walk through a convenience store were customers are paying for their gas. Step to the counter and be overtaken with some of the best smoke aroma on the planet.

These ribs needed no sauce because they had some flavorful dry rub. The sauces were the usual suspects for Kansas City. I munched through these ribs like I had not eaten in days. I sucked on the bone. I licked the plate. I was just in hog heaven. We had tried some of the best barbeque in the country at the Royal. These ribs are some of the best ribs in the nation in my book! Ms. Goofy would not share her pulled pork sandwich because she was enjoying it so much. She say’s it was tender with a wonderful smoke flavor. The coleslaw had a little pepper kick to complement this sandwich. Ms. Goofy licked her plate until the busboy had to wrestle it away from her.

What a wonderful week. Thanks to Carol & Jack for making us feel so welcome. We reluctantly leave Kansas City a couple of pounds heavier but enriched in Midwest hospitality. We leave you with an image of the skyline of Kansas City taken from the ‘WW1 War Memorial’. So long Kansas City!


Robert said...

My parents lived in Kansas City for a couple of years, and I always looked forward to burnt ends and Boulevard Beer every time I went out to visit them. Oklahoma Joe's and Jack Stack are two of my KC favorites--glad you got a chance to try them.

Now I am totally jonesing for some burnt ends!

Greg said...

Hog heaven for sure. That is some fine looking pig. I see that a lot of BBQ places serve pickles on the side.Are they normally sweet or dill? Inquiring minds want to know:)

Zoomie said...

Glad to hear you had a hearty, friendly and delicious time! Welcome home.

Chilebrown said...

Robert, Burnt ends is Ms. Goofy's favorite. For some reason bbq restaurants in Ca. do not make them. They were a treat. The same with Blvd beer. It is not sold in Ca. I loved the porter.

Greg, The pickles offered a little balance to the sweet barbeque sauce. It makes sense.

Zoomie, Oh boy, It is back to the salt mine and salads. We sure had fun.

Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

So glad you found the local's "Best"...

Hard to believe that Jack Stack's was so highly recommended. I always find them hit and miss. But Joe's is indeed the pick of the city!

Chilebrown said...

A Year On the Grill, We only had seven days. We went to the most popular. Jack Stack and Oaklahoma Joe's was the most mentioned by everybody. We have a list for our next visit. K.C. Mo. was a fun vacation!!!!

Oscar the wonder dog said...

I'm soooo happy that you are home....but you forgot to bring me the leftovers! Woof.

Chilebrown said...

Oscar the wonder dog, I hear by reclaim the couch! The President of Cookies spoiled you, you lucky dog.