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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Our local chili cook-off in Rodeo, California is scheduled for this Saturday October 16. This is a fun event for all ages. There will be a car show, music and most important a Chili Cook-off. This will our third year of participation. Our ‘BBQ Tri-Tip Chili’ has been awarded first and second prize in previous years. We would like to increase our chances of winning this year. Larry from Peppahead was the perfect Chile purveyor to contact. Peppahead sells all types and flavors of chile powder. “Big Red’ is one of his top sellers. This will be perfect to dry rub our ‘Tri-Tip’ cut of meat. Larry has many blends of different powders to create our base gravy to bind the meat with the vegetables and beans. Larry put together a wonderful combination of ‘New Mexican Red’, ‘Dixon’ and Chile de Arbol’ for us to sample.

The wonderful thing about Peppaheads chili powders is the freshness. When you open the package or container of powder, a rush of pepper essence will grab your nostrils for a jolt of flavor. We dipped our fingers into the Chile de Arbol powder and a tear came to my eye. I am not sure if it was the heat or the wonderful taste sensation. These are not your ordinary super market pepper powders. These are the real deal.

We did a test batch using a combination of Chile powders, salt, sugar, cumin, oregano, fresh pinto beans, garlic, onion and tomato’s. This one gallon bowl of ‘Red’ would be a good indicator to tweak our quantity of spices. This batch turned out rich and spicy hot. For the competition we will have to tone down the heat. We personally love the burn, but the general public might not. It is a trick and art to find the right balance of pepper, salt, sugar and meat. Our grilled Tri-Tip rubbed in ‘Big Red’ powder is our ace in the hole and has brought us success in the past. This meat is tender and spicy good.

We would love to see you this Saturday in Rodeo to sample our chili. Thanks to Peppahead for having such great chile products. With his chile powders and our bbq tri-tip, hopefully we will be on the winning platform.

5th Annual Chili Cook Off and Classic Car Show


meathenge said...

I'm going !!!

Chilebrown said...

Thanks Reverend, We will need your guidance and wisdom to be triumphant.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck! I love tri-tip in chili and it sounds like you've got a great pepper blend to work with. Go get 'em!

Chilebrown said...

Thanks food-fire, Stop by if you are in the neighborhood. I will be the one wearing the beer helmet.

Greg said...

Ah screw the general public and make it GOOD!

Chris said...

Can't wait to hear how you did and I hope it was a wonderful event.