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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Let’s all jump in Ms. Goofy’s ‘Formula One Racing Honda” and speed on over to Pittsburg California’s ‘New Mecca Cafe’ to continue our journey to find the ultimate chile verde. The New Mecca is an East Bay institution. Guillermo Muniz opened this Mexican café in the mid sixties and it has become a destination restaurant ever since. The New Mecca has deep ties to the Bay Area. They are caterers to the Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants. This restaurant is a good and maybe the only reason to ever visit Pittsburg. The City of Pittsburg has awarded the New Mecca 2.34 million dollars of redevelopment money to enlarge and modernize the restaurant. They are open while the construction progresses.

We almost did not recognize downtown Pittsburg. The redevelopment has transformed a once scary neighborhood into an inviting warm shopping, dining and entertainment district. We had to maneuver around some construction to enter the New Mecca. Once inside it was like meeting an old friend. The interior looks like an old fashion soda shop with its small booths and round stools surrounding the counter. The one thing that was missing was the crowds. This is the first time ever that we have not had to wait for a booth. It is a good thing because Ms. Goofy was beginning to drool from the wonderful aroma of Mexican food wafting from the kitchen.

Chile Verde
The waitress immediately brings over menus, chips, bean dip, and two different types of salsa. (Ask for the optional hot sauce). Be careful that you do not fill up on the bean dip because the plates to come are generous. Chile verde is always our quest but Ms. Goofy wanted carnitas. Two huge plates of pork were delivered to our table of swine morsel anticipation. The chile verde was moist, juicy and tender. The chile was mild and not a big taste factor in this plate of comfort. Your choice of tortillas was available to sop up the juices of green pork stew. Oh wow! This was tasty, filling and a prescription to rush to the couch.

Ms. Goofy’s plate of carnitas was full of crisp and chewy pork love. The chile verde was very decent. The pepper flavor that I crave and search for was lacking. The dish was still comforting and satisfying. ‘New Mecca Cafe’ has all the comfort Mexican dishes we all love. There is local history at New Mecca that will be preserved and carried on to new generations. If you are in the neighborhood give it a try.

New Mecca Café
324 Railroad Ave
Pittsburg, CA 94565
(925) 432-7433


Greg said...

My kind of place.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Ours too! We have been going there off and on for twenty years. This was the first time we have ever walked in and got a booth.

Anonymous said...

this made me instantly hungry

cookiecrumb said...

Oh, I REALLY like the way it looks inside now. Hope that doesn't get changed. So cute! Old-fashioned.

Chilebrown said...

highlandsranchfoodie, When you walk in the aroma will make you instantly hungry.

cookiecrumb, The plan is, they have taken over next door building with more room creating a brand new modern kitchen. They will relocate when ready. They then will restore the original old fashioned area evenutaly combining old and new creating one large New Mecca Cafe.