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Saturday, January 1, 2011


‘Olio Nuovo from McEvoy Ranch’, is the new oil for the year. It is the first pressed extra virgin oil from organic olive trees. It is only available during the November harvest and for a few weeks afterwards. It is prized and sought after for its freshness and unique flavor. It is intensely aromatic and usually has a peppery rich fruity flavor. This bottle was gifted to us from my sister “ThePresidentofcookies”. This bottle is some of the most fluorescent green color I have ever seen. This bottle of olive nectar must be something special coming from McEvoy Ranch. They have the reputation and price tag to command attention. We have toured their Ranch and would highly recommend it to anybody that is interested in a wonderful olive experience. I think we need to stop guessing what this oil tastes like and pop the cork.

We decided to try this with some tagliarini pasta that we just picked up from the “Pasta King” of Cotati. (Details later) This was fresh pasta that only needed to be boiled for several minutes in a hot tub of salted water. Some fresh parmesan reggiano and a slight dusting of salt and pepper was the only fussing our olive oil vehicle required. Olio Nuovo was sparingly poured over this wonderful pasta. This oil is so green it painted a stripe of green gold wherever we poured.

The oil flavor is fruity and grassy at the same time. If you could describe the color green this oil would be the definition. We did not notice the pepper bite usually associated with this type of oil. A little buttery with just a hint of sweetness makes this olive oil unique and very flavorful. The pasta and cheese melted in our mouth. A little drizzle of oil went far in this most tasty dish. If you have an opportunity to try this oil, do not miss out.

McEvoy Ranch


cookiecrumb said...

I've never seen it that green. No cough-cough factor?

Zoomie said...

Love the words, "If you could describe the color green..." Nicely said.

Chilebrown said...

cookiecrumb, If you are talking about the tasting technique when suck the oil over your palette. I would say no. Sometimes this style of oil can be peppery and it was not.

Zoomie,Thanks,I think you would really like the tour.

Greg said...

A good bottle of olive oil is a fine gift.Beats the heck out of a pair of socks any day. Happy New Year.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, Happy New Year! Yes olive oil is a fine gift. I like socks too.