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Monday, February 7, 2011


Banana vinegar is something that caught my eye. I have heard and tried different fruit vinegars and even tried to make my own apple cider vinegar. That was a Mad Meat apple experience that went horribly wrong. When I saw the Banana Vinegar it was a must have item. The distributor suggests using this vinegar in cerviches and salad dressings. The vinegar is made from fermented plantano machos which are a breed of banana somewhere between a plantain and a regular banana. This small bottle was priced at 15.95 which did not include shipping.

We poured a little sample onto a spoon. It had a faint banana aroma. The vinegar was mellow, mild, and did not seize the attention of your tongue. I was surprised the vinegar was not very sweet. It definitely had a banana flavor but not like a sweet banana that you would slice onto your corn flakes. The next big question, is what I can use this on? I made a salsa and added several tablespoons. The flavor was lost with the rest of the vegetables. Next, I will try this on a salad. Anybody have suggestions for uses of Banana Vinegar?


Anonymous said...

I understand a lot of pickling is made with fruit-based vinegars? You could pickle your own spicy peppers.

cookiecrumb said...

But Zia, isn't all vinegar fruit-based?
CB, I'm still thinking a dip/dunk of some sort. Would raw oysters like banana vinegar?

Chilebrown said...

cookiecrumb, I guees you forgot about malt, rice, palm and cane vinegars. I almost hurled just with the mention of raw oysters and bananas and I am not even pregnant.

Zia, I was thinking something on that line with the salsa. I tried to find some banana peppers. The website mentioned mixing it with carmalized sugar and putting it over ice cream. Salads for now.

Greg said...


Chilebrown said...

Greg, I know.

Nancy Ewart said...

How about using it with strawberries - like they use balsamic vinegar? I also wonder if you could use in bread - as in bannana nut bread to give a slight tang or zucchini bread. But $15.95. Ouch!

Brett said...

I made a pretty good BBQ sauce with the banana vinegar I ordered from Rancho Gordo. It also worked well for homemade mustard, and I reckon it might be a good replacement for malt vinegar on fish in chips.

gracias said...

I have used banana vinegar which we made from cavendish banana. It is good in cooking asian food specially the filipino food. we use it in cooking fish paksiw, in cumcumber, radish and bitter melon salads, we use banana vinegar in replace of the commercial vinegar and the dish are excellent with sweet-sour fruity taste..
Banana vinegar is also very effective in soothing the throat specially if you have cough, my parents used to take a shot of it. I also use it as skin toner, banana vinegar mix with honey is also good for the skin this is also the beauty secret of my mother which until now she maintain her beautiful skin. Banana vinegar is high in potassium which is 3725mg/liter..