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Thursday, February 17, 2011


It is ‘San Francisco Beer Week’. I thought every week was beer week. ‘Anywho’ this is a week that celebrates micro-beers from around the Bay Area. “Anchor Steam”, is one of the original founders and supporters of the micro brewery movement. Fritz Maytag has been ‘Papa’ brewer for many years. Maytag has recently sold the brewery to another brew conglomerate. A new beer has been released from the new owners, and it is called “Brekle’s” A party was needed to release this new beer and it was a hot ticket to attend the release party. Chilebrown was very lucky to score a couple of these tickets. ‘WowOhmighty’ we are going to a beer release party.

We stood in line for a several seconds at the Anchor Steam entrance so that the official’s made sure that that the Chilebrown impostors did not crash on this very exclusive party. I was recognized instantly and made my way to the beer booth. A Breckle’s was poured and I immediately swooned. It was very hoppy, full flavored with a sweet/bitter taste. Full of flavors; chocolate, coffee, sweet molasses, and most predominately a green hippy chippy hoppy taste to arouse your palate made this one flavorful swill. This beer was definitely a hoppy brown ale, just as the Doctor ordered. This is one beautiful beer!!!!!

What would put this party over the top, besides being at Anchor Steam Brewery and trying a new release beer, but food? This event was catered with four beer ingredients as the theme; Water, Yeast, Hops, and Malt. Water was the ingredient in a ‘Steamed char pu pork bbq steamed pork bun from heaven’. The sauce had a soy chili sauce directly from “Gourmet Chinatown”. The Brewer’s yeast pretzel with gruyere cheese fondue sauce was doughy delicious.. (Malt) Breckle’s Brown beer battered Diver scallops with crisp potato rosti and malted vinegar alioi.was our favorite dish. (Hops) Dessert was ‘Citra Hop’ infused brown butter Finacier cake with caramel butter cream and hazel nut toffee.

How can you top an evening sampling the new brown ale called ‘Brekles’s’ from Anchor Steam with beer influenced appetizers? Oh my, am I one lucky dude!!!

Anchor Steam


Zoomie said...

Are the twisty things on the square white plate the pretzels? The look like pigs in a blanket, which would also have been good with beer. :-) Will you still meet me for coffee from time to time, now that you're on the A List?

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Those twisty things are the pretzels covered in a killer cheese sauce for the "Yeast" theme station. Oh my.
You and Buzz will always be coffee buddy's. Hey thanks for all the goodies from Hawaii. Aloha!

meathenge said...

Dang, you're like all fancy an junk. You win the tickets? What's for dinner?

xo, Biggles

Chilebrown said...

Reverend, Leftover burnt ends for dinner. I could eat them everyday. Yummy noodles.

Monkey Wrangler said...

A little late to say it, but damn: SO JEALOUS!!!! I tried signing up for the chance at tickets to this event but the two websites I used that supposedly had a link to register didn't work! Bastages!

Anyway, it looks and sounds deadly good