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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Meat on Meat and a salad bar on steroids. This is what we experienced at our Birthday/Anniversary dinner at ‘Texas de Brazil’ in Las Vegas, Nevada. We took a detour on our way back from our meat judging at Lake Havasu. Las Vegas is destination to practice all of your vices. Mad Meat Genius has a frailty for a good steak. A colleague from work highly recommended ‘Texas de Brazil’, a Brazilian steak house. How could I pass up a new steak house? We made our reservations a couple of months in advance to take part at this popular meat palace of indulgence.

We arrived at our dinner celebration by a yellow checkered vehicle. A couple of (non bacon) martini’s loosened up our taste receptacles. We have been anticipating this dinner experience for awhile. The aroma of this restaurant is of roasted meats. It is comforting and most inviting, teasing us of the meat extravaganza to come.

Once we were seated our waitress gave us instructions. One first needs to take a trip to the salad bar. I am not sure you can call it a salad bar in the ‘Sizzler’ sense. This is a food station with very high end ingredients. Once back at your table you have a little disc that is colored red on one side and green on the other. Green means bring the ‘Meat Gaucho Servers” on and red means stop. Simple enough are these instructions.

This is a salad bar on steroids. Prosciutto, peppered salami, smoked salmon, crab sushi rolls, a wheel of Parmesan, asparagus, roasted red and green peppers a designer list of imported and domestic olive oils, salad greens, stuffed artichoke hearts and a whole bevy of deluxe ingredients are yours for the grazing. I thought it would be prudent to go light on this display of indulgence to prepare for the meat flurry to come.

The “Gaucho’s” have their special pantalones to identify that they are meat servers. They also carry swords full of meat and very sharp knives. You are equipped with some tongs to help out the Gaucho when he slices some meat. Turn your disc over to green and watch the Gaucho’s flock. The Gaucho’s come to your table and will give you a slice or piece of meat that they are wielding. Are you ready for this? The Brazilian house specialty is marinated sirloin steak. filet mignon, bacon wrapped meats, sausage, lamb, skirt steak, pork and beef ribs, and so many more meats are bombarded to your table. I could not even see Ms. Goofy over her plate that was piled high of assorted  meats. We had to flip over our card to red so we could eat our way to seeing each other again.

Oh mang! This was so very, very wonderful. This is a destination restaurant. Come to Texas de Brazil; be prepared to experience a dream meat experience. What a celebration!

Texas de Brazil


Zoomie said...

Sounds absolutely tailor-made for you and Ms Goofy. I'm glad you had a fine time! If you need more before you return to Vegas, I think there's one of these in SF.

Kevin Sandridge said...

Overall, I enjoyed our visit to the Texas de Brazil location in Orlando, FL. That salad bar is awesome! However, I did find the meat to be quite salty. Wish they let more of the meat's natural flavors come through.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you found the right place to celebrate. Happy anniversary!

cookiecrumb said...

You mean it's like meat dim sum? It just keeps coming? Too, too cute. So Vegas (and Orlando).

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, tailor-made

Kevin Sandridge, I agree with you on their signature meat. The marinated roasted sirloin was on the salty side. We had some very good meats otherwise. The whole package is what I am talking about.

Zia, I have black garlic. Stay tuned.

cookiecrumb. We had to check our firearms at the door. Whoops that was Arizona.

cookiecrumb said...

I think in Arizona they check to make sure you're packing. State law or something.

Zio said...

LOL! Meat served on swords, can it get any better? Zia and I haven't been to a churrascaria yet either (mainly due to her food allergies) but these are palaces of grilled meat made for people just like us :)

Anonymous said...

Really? You found it? I can't wait to see how you use it!
Ps: Here in TX if you're licensed to carry, you can carry concealed. Scary, eh?

Chilebrown said...

Cookeiecrumb, Ms.Goofy patted me down and she can vouch that I am packing a concealed weapon.

Zio, Are there not special wines to counter act food allergies?

Zis,Zia,Zia, I am looking forward to trying black garlic.

Greg said...

Happy anniversary! Meat meets meat.Fantastico.