Chilebrown at home

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


When life gives you bacon, wrap them around some tator tots and fire up your grill. Today we are inspired from a fellow barbeque enthusiast Chris, from ‘Nibble Me This”. He can work come crazy magic with his ‘Big Green Egg. Bacon and tator tots just seem right together. We are using some wonderful bacon from Swingle Meats (Jackson, Ca.). The tator tots are from any Wally Marts freezer case.

The magic of this recipe is in its simplicity. Wrap some thinly slice bacon around some frozen tator tots. Place on a wire rack seam side down. Sprinkle with a rub that has a tiny bit of sugar in it. Salt and pepper with a pinch of brown sugar will work just dandy. Place wire rack on an indirect fire. Twenty minutes later you will be snacking on the best bacon snack ever. Thanks Chris!


Zoomie said...

I shouldn't be intrigued but I am.

cookiecrumb said...

I'm crying, that sounds so good.

Chilebrown said...

Zoomie, Its okay.

cookiecrumb, I almost cried eating them.

Greg said...

It sounds good...but last time I did bacon on the barbecue I had a fairly large flame up.

Chilebrown said...

Greg, A covered grill and indirect heat should tame those flame ups. Give it a try.

Chris said...

I'm glad you enjoy them as much as we do. I need to make homemade tots with chiles in them and then try this one day.